Castle Walls

"These Castle Walls come in three colors and are meant to match the Freedom Room's bricks. There's also two versions of them: a standalone version and one that works with the Garden Box. The only difference in them is how you change the sprites and lock them into place. With the Garden Box version, you just treat them like any other decoration. With the standalone version, you click on it to switch between sprites and shift-click on it to lock it into it's current sprite. This also locks it into place. Credit to ftourini on for the original castle walls"

Agent Information:
Classifier: 1 5 41500, 1 99 41500
Sprite (c16) files used: "CastleWallsKT", "CastleWallsKTGB"
Sounds (wav): None.
Catalogues: "Castle_Walls.catalogue"
Authors: Kittytikara