Dakini Shaman Doll

"The Dakini Shaman Doll is a toy which was inspired by an old (and pretty much unarchived) C2 COB made by Helen and NornGOD, which was a doll of the Blue Shaman from Populous: The Beginning. I myself am a big fan of Populous, so I decided to use sprites and sounds from the game to create an agent of the Dakini Shaman. However, this toy isn't exactly like the original C2 COB! Not only can it be played with, but it does not react nicely to being attacked! Like the original, it also includes animations."

Agent Information:
Classifier: 2 21 15303
Sprite (c16) files used: "Dakinishaman"
Sounds (wav): "DG14", "DG15", "DG16", "DG17", "DG18", "DG19"
Catalogues: "Dakinishaman.catalogue"
Authors: Doringo