Orchid Norns

"The orchid norns are a genetic breed utilizing the sprites of Wood Norns, Fallow Norns, Siamese Norns, and Butterfly Norns. The genome is Arnout's CFF 2017 based on Evo's CFF genomes with a few tweaks. I was inspired by the Thistleferns and the Chloroplast organ to make them more plant like. After asking Dragoler and Arnout for ideas, I've come up with a new organ which converts heat into vitamin C. Like any good Orchid, these norns depend on heat to stay healthy. They use Vitamin C to boost their immune system and it's also the only way they can fight infection. If they are near someplace fairly warm, like the heat pan in the meso, they are hardier then your average norn. Take them away, and they become very fragile.

Crossbreeding should be done with caution. The extra organ should transfer over, but hybrids will probably have a mix of antigen + glucose reactions with the Orchid antigen + vitamin c. As a challenge, if you can get a norn with the extra organ and only antigen + glucose reactions you will get a super norn!"

Breed Information:
Sprites (Breed) used: Wood Norns, Fallow Norns, Siamese Norns, Butterfly Norns
Authors: CeruleanSilver

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