Ultra Namer

"This agent is capable of composing entirely random names for your Creatures. It toggles every minute and uses a special catalogue file to construct a Creature moniker from all vowels and consonants. This allows for a lot of different possible names to appear among your Creatures in worlds. There's just 2 rules that all names should be consistent in: All names are in between 3 and 10 characters long. Vowels and consonants will never appear more than twice in a row & all first letters of Creature-names are consistent with their generation. In theory, this agent should be capable of constructing any known word. This means that swear words can also appear among your Creature-names. It's a ridiculously small chance, but the agent was not intended for that. Have fun!"

Agent Information:
Classifier: 1 1 26507
Sprite (c16) files used: "blnk"
Sounds (wav): None
Catalogues: "ultranamer.catalogue"
Authors: Arnout