Day 2

Today marks the second day of the CCSF 2017! I would also like to take a moment of our day to endorse Discord as another platform that will be very useful for our community as a whole. While chatrooms were not nearly as widespread as websites in the history of our community, Discord makes it incredibly easy to set up your own chatroom as well as being completely free! You could make a server for followers of your blog, members of your forum or perhaps your development team? There are numerous possibilities of how you can design your chatroom, as well as who you invite into it, will your server be a private chatroom for you and your development team to discuss in, or a public server where you can communicate to other members of the community? Or perhaps both?

It is also worth noting that Discord doesn't just let you make one server for free, but you can make multiple! You can even assign your own emotes to your server and set up what channels it has and which ones are available to users or not. I personally believe that Discord is a very underrated platform that our community should be using more, especially given how easy it is to set up Discord servers I am surprised to have not seen new servers springing up left and right! There's also no need to have "The One Server to rule them all" when Discord servers as a whole are very easily and quickly created.

Anyways, now that we're properly acquainted with another option for community expression, Arnout has brought us not one, but two new machines for our creatures!

"Are you sick of eggs laying all over the place? Have you had enough of feeding your baby Creatures every minute? Fret no more, as now there are two new machines that can fulfill these tasks for you! First of the two machines is the Egg Collector; a unique, experimental device that'll seek out all eggs in your world and piles them up right under its monitor. Secondly, there's the Baby Nursing Machine: A gadget that is capable of dispensing huge amounts of food, but only if there are enough baby Creatures nearby."

Speaking of Discord servers, Pilla has recently set up her own Discord server which is known as the Caos Coding Cave(Click for server invite). 

"This is a server for all Creatures fans who would like to mess around with CAOS!
If you have any projects you are currently working on and you want to create a discord channel to host these projects, feel free to ask for a dedicated channel on the server."

Today we also have another set of sprites sent in by Mea of the Icy Button!

"Is it an elevator button? Is it a toy?  Maybe it's a teleporter of some type?  Is it a button of doom?  Maybe it does something unknown?   I don't know either."

All submissions can be downloaded on their respective pages. Click on either the picture or the name of the submission to visit its page.