Day 3

We've been seeing some very nice contributions this CCSF, but uh-oh, here comes another platform endorsement! Seeing as our theme is Community Collaboration I find it almost mandatory to introduce you all to Github, though I do admit that I myself have not used the platform very much. Github is useful for collaborative projects, as it allows users to manage a public repository for projects. Other users can contribute by making forks of the project, which can be "pull"ed into the official version, this is very useful for development teams!

Speaking of which, Pilla has released the github page for the Betaship Metaroom!
"Do whatever you want with this thing. Really. Feel free to make new images. Feel free to reuse the code. Feel free to reuse the images. Whatever. Anything. Everything.
This thing is licensed under the "Unlicense" license. So there's no license. Do what you want. Really."

For today we also have the Dustdevil Grendel Plushie by Linda and Pilla!
"This Dustdevil Grendel Plushie was created by Pilla (coding) and Linda (sprites)!
Feel free to distribute and change this agent as long as you give credit to the original creators."

We also have our first C1 COB for this CCSF. From Shoy, we have the Emergency Ration!
"The Emergency Ration is intended to be used in dire situations when your Norns desperately need to eat (eg. if they are sick) but you can't for the life you convince them to eat even a single piece of cheese or a carrot. This COB delivers Norns a dose of starch, glucose and glycogen simply if they are looking at the object. Note that it does not and should not serve as a substitute for food in normal situations because it could possibly reinforce poor eating habits."

Finally, we have even more sprites by Mea. This time these sprites are of the Desert Melon:

"This is just a simple plant that's meant to grow fruit that contains lots of water to help re-hydrate creatures. "

All submissions can be downloaded on their respective pages. Click on either the picture or the name of the submission to visit its page.