Day 4

Today I'd like to mention another blogging service called Wordpress. Whilst Wordpress is harder to use compared to Blogger, its potential should not be underestimated. For the more technical members of the community, Wordpress offers a more versatile platform if you are savvy with web coding but has some size restrictions on free accounts. All in all though, it is a solid option and certainly has a lot of potential.

Today we have another agent from Arnout - the Ultra-Namer!
"This agent is capable of composing entirely random names for your Creatures. It toggles every minute and uses a special catalogue file to construct a Creature moniker from all vowels and consonants. This allows for a lot of different possible names to appear among your Creatures in worlds. There's just 2 rules that all names should be consistent in: All names are in between 3 and 10 characters long. Vowels and consonants will never appear more than twice in a row & all first letters of Creature-names are consistent with their generation. In theory, this agent should be capable of constructing any known word. This means that swear words can also appear among your Creature-names. It's a ridiculously small chance, but the agent was not intended for that. Have fun!"

We also have the Puff Plant from Uzag and Zzzzoot:
"Puff plants are desert-loving plants. They need a hot dry environment to survive.
They love places like the Ettin Desert, the Daedalus desert (v1.2, previous is too wet) and Betaship.
They each grow a white fluffy ball which creatures love playing with.
Careful though, at any moment the ball may POP into countless drifting seeds."

Finally for today we have the Upright Burro Tail (Base) sprites by Mea:
"A very colorful set of succulent plants that are edible.  The leaves of the plant are edible & probably contain plenty of water.  It is able to regrow after being partly eaten, but will die off & decay after a while.  The flowers are quite colorful, & the seeds might make good toys for creatures to play with."

All submissions can be downloaded on their respective pages. Click on either the picture or the name of the submission to visit its page.