Day 8

Well, it's been a nice 8 days and we've finally come to Monday 27th, the final day of this CCSF. I have to say I am very proud of how this festival has progressed. In the build up to the festival I've had to build a plan to improvise with what little submissions I was being sent, because it seems to be a new trend for the CCSF to be delayed year after year. However, just a couple days before the CCSF was going to start I received an absolute torrent of quality submissions from various members of the active community. I think we've not just averted the trend, we've spat in its metaphorical face.

I would like to give a special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the festival this year, as well as a special thanks to the various users who I've discussed with regarding the coordination of the festival and what strategies would be the most effective for it. I think that with the amount of community spirit we've shown this year proves that if nothing drastic happens, we'll be good to go for another decade.

The post-CCSF is starting tomorrow and will end on Monday 4th December. Throughout the post-CCSF, if you have started your own creatures-related website, blog, forum, discord server, etc please contact me via Discord (I'm available in the CCSF discord) or drop me an e-mail at CCSF2017Submissions{at}protonmail{dot}{com}with a link to your new site/blog/forum/etc. There will not be any daily-posts for the post-CCSF, but I will instead make posts shouting out your new blog/site/forum/etc whenever I have a free moment. If you started your site/discord/blog/forum/etc during the CCSF 2017 and not the post-CCSF, it will still be accepted.

So, let's see what we have for the final day of this CCSF!

From the team behind the Banshee Ark project, we have the Desert hideout and the Capillata Extension!
"A release candidate of the desert hideout for the CCSF.
Please enjoy!"

"This is the Expanded Capillata release for the CCSF2017.
This adds more space to your Capillata which can be either freshwater, saltwater or atmosphere.

This version is incompatible with the Blobby Core.
You do not need to inject this if you already have the Grendel Meso injected."

You can check out the web page for the project here.

From Mea, we have a whole bunch of sprites, the Draki and Scitters sprites!

"Just a bunch of dragon like critter sprites that might be useful as toys or vendors.  Made a long time ago, but never used for what they were made for.  Hopefully they will be useful to someone."

From Kittytikara, we have Castle Walls!
"These Castle Walls come in three colors and are meant to match the Freedom Room's bricks. There's also two versions of them: a standalone version and one that works with the Garden Box. The only difference in them is how you change the sprites and lock them into place. With the Garden Box version, you just treat them like any other decoration. With the standalone version, you click on it to switch between sprites and shift-click on it to lock it into it's current sprite. This also locks it into place. Credit to ftourini on for the original castle walls"

Well, guess I'll be seeing you all in the post-CCSF! Again if you've made a blog/forum/discord server/site over the course of the CCSF or are about to make one during post-CCSF, feel free to contact me about it!

All submissions can be downloaded on their respective pages. Click on either the picture or the name of the submission to visit its page.