Post-CCSF: The Pappus Cafe

Hello again everyone! I hope you've been okay with the silence of the past couple days since we started the post-CCSF, but I have found a blog which started during the CCSF!

Named The Pappus Cafe,  it was established on the 20th November, which was right when the CCSF 2017 started and is run by Octoberflash.

"A field of flowers at sunset, the great unknown lying ahead... On a cold winter evening, you wander through the fields, the grass and flow...

Past the Popping Pappus fields, in a wooden cabin with a door that's just slightly askew, lies the warm and peaceful Pappus Café.

Run by a friendly Wood Norn named Pixis, the café offers a place to rest, get a refreshing drink and eat a hot meal. Why not get a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer) and enjoy your stay?"

So far it seems to show the beginnings of a series called Applewood Fields, check it out!